Y’all. I’m one stressed out momma about this move but also have many other feelings about moving half way across the country>>>excited, nervous, ready, unready + basically all the emotions your body & brain can feel about change, I think I got it covered.

For the past 23 years, I’ve lived in the same state, driven down the same streets, eaten at the same restaurants + seen the same people almost everyday. I know every back road, every short cut & every location of Chick-fil-A in Bell County.

I’m excited for the move but I’m struggling with the unknown & abrupt change that is about to take place in my life: snow, the town we’re going to live in, if I’ll get a job, finishing school, snow, no one to talk to (right away) & even not knowing where in the h*ll I’m going down the road + obviously not knowing where the nearest Chick-fil-A is going to be.

Right now though, I’m ready to just go. To be done packing up our belongings, the sad goodbyes + to be done with lingering unknown & stress of moving.

My husband is handling this w a y better than I am & I’m forever grateful with his understanding of my feelings & how hard this is potentially going to be on me. He’s looking at houses, talking to rental companies + calling me from work daily on houses he’s found in our price range {thanks babe}

I knew what I was getting into marrying a soldier + have known for the past year this was ultimately going to come but I feel like with everything that has to get done, the holidays + just life I haven’t been able to really process the fact that we are moving. It feels like it’s all come so fast>>>literally received our orders t w o weeks ago…

This chapter in my life is going to be a growing process for me but I luckily have the most supportive, patient husband on the planet by my side throughout this change in my life + who also understands everything I’m feeling.

Stay tuned for more updates on our move + hopefully I’ll get a post up on everything you need to know & be prepared for during a PCS move {Army lingo for move}

love y’all,



Last 60 Days Challenge

On Nov 5th, 2018 I looked in the mirror & did not recognize the body or the person looking back at me. I looked stressed, overweight, overwhelmed + just down right unhappy. That day I made a change for my health + wellness and so desperately wanted myself to stick to it. I’ve had some set backs, since Thanksgiving, but starting today I will be back on my game & following through with the promise I made for myself one last time before the New Year!

At the beginning of 2018, I made health + wellness resolutions that I swore up and down I would commit to and make happen! I did, however, do pretty well at the beginning of the year but once my life became a hellacious,busy, sh*t storm my health + wellness goals took to the back burner and I went back to square one.

Once life smacked me in the face, I quit taking my supplements, quit doing my at home workouts & quit worrying about the food I was putting in my body. I basically was hiding from myself how unhealthy I am & attempted to convince myself that my life “excuses” were reasons why I didn’t need to take care of myself… ex; not sleeping enough because I’m a mom. Being a mom should have been the F I R S T & main reason I was trying to be healthy>>for Ben!

So I’ve made it through almost 30 days of my challenge & I cannot be more thrilled with the results I’m seeing in my body! Being basically off since Thanksgiving, I’ve noticed that my energy levels are lower, I’m not sleeping as well as I was, my stress is back & I’m just basically not feeling as well I was when I was working out 4x a week, taking my supplements everyday & more conscious of the food I was fueling my body with!

If you’re interested in doing the Last 60 Days but in the 30 Day version, let me know! I would love to have people keep me accountable + I will share everything I’m doing so you can follow along with me.

love y’all,


Let’s be real..

For some time now, I have been wanting to start my own blog, but not the kind of blog you mostly see on Instagram. I feel like for some of us, blogs are just too unrealistic + as a mom trying to work her own “work from home business,” I wanted to set the record straight & be more real with everyone and basically start from the ground up. So for starters:

I am Kaitie, 26 yo sahm to a beautiful boy named Ben, as well as an Army Wife to the most supportive husband on the planet. We currently live in TX but will be calling NJ our new home in January 2019!! Before Ben (B.B.), I worked FT as a LVN/LPN in a Family Medicine Clinic working with a wide variety of specialties from geriatrics to pediatrics and sports medicine to OBGYN. I love every minute of being a nurse from all aspects of the medical professional but wanted to be home with my sweet kiddo more, especially in the current area we are living in, day care was just not an option for my family.

Any who, I decided to finally start a blog for many reasons but the biggest reason out of them all is because of our move half way across the country… For the first time in almost 23 years, I will be living in a different area code, time zone + STATE with not knowing a single soul. I am excited for the new adventure, as the town we are currently living in lacks…well anything besides fast food + bars, but I am a little nervous because 1. I will have to drive in REAL snow for the first time ever & 2. I will not know a single soul until my husband and I get settled in our new town.

But more on why I started this blog>> as I previously stated, I’m a mom to the cutest little boy, Ben, and I want to be able to write about why motherhood is the most unglamorous, biggest blessing of your life. I feel like too many moms out there share the more glamorous sides of motherhood & never the “behind scenes messes” and then new moms, like me, form this idea in their head that motherhood is going to be somehow easier than we initially thought>>WRONG! Another H U G E reason on starting my blog is for my health + wellness. I am currently doing a Last 60 Days Challenge–based off of Rachel Hollis’ Last 90 Days Challenge & I am currently trying to keep myself accountable. More on that will come later but I plan on sharing all the gnitty + gritty with you all on motherhood, army wife life + just everything messy as possible.

So sit back for the ride of your life as I share everything I deem “ok” to post on the internet forever + ever & hopefully my husband won’t kill me… Anyway, gotta run, crying toddler calling my name after nap!

love y’all,