Last 60 Days Challenge

On Nov 5th, 2018 I looked in the mirror & did not recognize the body or the person looking back at me. I looked stressed, overweight, overwhelmed + just down right unhappy. That day I made a change for my health + wellness and so desperately wanted myself to stick to it. I’ve had some set backs, since Thanksgiving, but starting today I will be back on my game & following through with the promise I made for myself one last time before the New Year!

At the beginning of 2018, I made health + wellness resolutions that I swore up and down I would commit to and make happen! I did, however, do pretty well at the beginning of the year but once my life became a hellacious,busy, sh*t storm my health + wellness goals took to the back burner and I went back to square one.

Once life smacked me in the face, I quit taking my supplements, quit doing my at home workouts & quit worrying about the food I was putting in my body. I basically was hiding from myself how unhealthy I am & attempted to convince myself that my life “excuses” were reasons why I didn’t need to take care of myself… ex; not sleeping enough because I’m a mom. Being a mom should have been the F I R S T & main reason I was trying to be healthy>>for Ben!

So I’ve made it through almost 30 days of my challenge & I cannot be more thrilled with the results I’m seeing in my body! Being basically off since Thanksgiving, I’ve noticed that my energy levels are lower, I’m not sleeping as well as I was, my stress is back & I’m just basically not feeling as well I was when I was working out 4x a week, taking my supplements everyday & more conscious of the food I was fueling my body with!

If you’re interested in doing the Last 60 Days but in the 30 Day version, let me know! I would love to have people keep me accountable + I will share everything I’m doing so you can follow along with me.

love y’all,